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Alpha Printing & Media Services begins assisting you just from the start. Only by using a color separation of excellent quality you can get a high level printing. For this reason, we were pioneers in the integration of production processes. Currently, our staff in charge of the separation process is applying the experience that could only be obtained by means of time and constant training. Drum scanning, digital retouching, film and color test download are performed with excellent definition. Just send us your files and forget about the rest.
For this stage, we have state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.
Roland and Heidelberg Offset presses, together with specialized staff ensure the high quality of our printings.

A strict quality control, electronically made by means of densitometers and colorimeters, is performed during all the run, which allows to measure density, chromatic balance and dot gain in an accurate way, assuring the same color standard from the first to the last proof sheet.

The finishing jobs are performed completely in house. The cut and fold operations are done by high speed and accuracy equipment.

Die Cut, Hot Stamping and embossing are performed by a complete automated machine.

This total process integration allows us to control production at all stages, letting us to guarantee short delivery dates and excellent quality printings.
We have recently incorporated this technology to satisfy the short run and print on demand needs of our customers. Turnaround of 24 to 48 hours are possible due to this new technology. Our docucolor delivers outstanding quality at near tone continue 600 x 600 dpi of resolution. Consistent and bright color for all types of presentations, till a size of 12 x 18.
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